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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A comparison of off-seasons

Bryan Hoch over at Bombers Beat has an interesting look back at what happened last off-season compared to this one. This is everything that happened last year up until today's date, Dec. 4:

Oct. 18 - Joe Torre turns down the Yankees' "insulting" one-year contract offer
Oct. 22 - Joe Girardi interviews for managerial job
Oct. 23 - Don Mattingly interviews for managerial job
Oct. 24 - Tony Pena interviews for managerial job
Oct. 29 - Alex Rodriguez opts out of his contract during World Series
Oct. 29 - Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera file for free agency
Oct. 30 - Joe Girardi hired as Yankees manager
Oct. 30 - Reports indicate Dodgers interested in Joe Torre
Nov. 1 - Joe Girardi introduced as Yankees manager
Nov. 2 - Yankees pick up $16 million option on Bobby Abreu
Nov. 5 - Andy Pettitte, considering retirement, declines $16 million option
Nov. 5 - Dodgers introduce Joe Torre as manager
Nov. 7 - A-Rod gone, Yankees flirting with trade for Marlins' Miguel Cabrera
Nov. 9 - Derek Jeter promises Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera will return
Nov. 13 - Jorge Posada signs four-year, $52.4 million contract
Nov. 14 - Alex Rodriguez bypasses his agent and reopens talks with Hank Steinbrenner
Nov. 15 - A-Rod, Yankees agree to framework of 10-year contract
Nov. 19 - Mariano Rivera signs three-year, $45 million contract
Nov. 25 - A-Rod agrees to marketing package that could make his deal worth $300+ million
Nov. 26 - Yankees, Twins discuss Johan Santana trade
Dec. 3 - Winter Meetings open, Hank Steinbrenner sets deadline for Santana deal
Dec. 4 - Yankees reportedly close the door on Santana deal
That's quite a lot of stuff. In comparison, the biggest news this year was the Yankees declining to offer arbitration to all of their free agents.

The Winter Meetings will begin in Las Vegas on Monday. Hopefully things will pick up then.


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