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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Monday, December 8, 2008

Davidoff's latest on Sabathia

From Ken Davidoff:

The Yankees came away encouraged from their meeting with CC Sabathia llast [sic] night, a person familiar with the situation said. The team believes that Sabathia has a sincere interest in New York and appears to be willing to wait out Sabathia.

There is minimal doubt about Sabathia's character, given the way he has conducted himself and, especially, the way he pitched for the Brewers this past year, knowing that he would probably be pitching elsewhere in 2009.

Sabathia has no apparent timeline in making a decision, but the Yankees are hopeful he'll decide in the next couple of weeks.

Joe Girardi joined Brian Cashman in the meeting.For Yankees fans freaking out that your team will be shut out, keep in mind that no one will make a move without checking back with the Yankees - the richest team - first.
I'd have a sincere interest in New York too if they were making me the highest-paid pitcher.


She-Fan said...

The next couple of WEEKS? Why can't CC decide now? How much misery and suffering must he put us through?

Andrew Fletcher said...

Seriously, if someone offered me $140 million, I wouldn't blink.

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