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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Guess this means Posada's future is at catcher

Just thought about this now. By signing Mark Teixeira for eight years, the Yankees must truly expect Jorge Posada can catch, at the very least, for all of 2009.

Unless Hideki Matsui gets traded, the designated hitter spot is also filled.

This is a risk, but the Yankees had to take it. I'm just trying to look at both sides. Expecting someone who is coming off major arm surgery to spend an entire season behind the plate could be asking for trouble.

As was said here, the free agent class is lacking, and the Yankees couldn't pass up this opportunity to improve their offense while hurting the Red Sox at the same time. But don't be surprised if Posada can't throw to second base in May and there is no where else to put him.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It's a risky move. I think they'll definitely be willing to eat some of the contract and try and move Matsui. He's only got one year left so if the Yanks a good chunk, he could be a good gamble for an AL team in need of a DH. Texas, Anaheim, Tampa, Detroit and Oakland come to mind. There could be some NL teams also such as San Fran but that would be a real gamble to assume he can play the field... YB

Andrew Fletcher said...

It could be tough to trade Matsui's $13-million salary, and he has a full no-trade clause. Anaheim could be a nice fit for him, especially after missing out on Teixeira.

Mark said...

if posada can't throw, i'm sure he'll take the DH role once matsui gets hurt again.

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