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Friday, December 19, 2008

Jeter's speech wins Moment of the Year

Remember Derek Jeter's speech following the final game at Yankee Stadium in September? Well, that was voted Moment of the Year in the This Year in Baseball Awards.

Moment of the Year -- Derek Jeter, Yankees: The Yankees faced an end to their streak of 13 consecutive postseason appearances in the Stadium finale on Sept. 21, but that did little to dampen the celebration after a 7-3 win over the Orioles. Leading the rousing sendoff was Jeter, who took the microphone to address the Stadium faithful. "For all of us up here, it's a huge honor to put this uniform on every day and come out here and play," said the veteran shortstop, who earned 34.7 percent of the TYIB votes. Finishing second at 22.3 percent was Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who blasted a record 28 long balls in the first round of the Home Run Derby -- at Yankee Stadium, no less.
Mike Mussina finished second in the Starter of the Year award, Mariano Rivera finished second in the Closer of the Year award and Johnny Damon's non-catch when the ball rolled on top of the wall against the Red Sox won Oddity of the Year.

Here is video of Jeter's speech:


She-Fan said...

It was a good speech and a great sales pitch for the new Stadium, but moment of the year? Not sure about that one.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Must've been a slow year.

Rob Abruzzese said...

That was a pretty big moment and Jeter's speech wasn't too over the top but still strong. I liked it a lot and thought it was well deserving. Could you imagine a home run derby being moment of the year.

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