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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latest on Burnett

Here are the three newest reports on A.J. Burnett.

First from Jon Heyman:

The Yankees have offered at least $80 million over five years, and perhaps a little more to the talented right-hander.

The Braves may also offering five years to Burnett but it could not be confirmed that the fifth year in their bid is absolutely guaranteed. If it is, the Braves would be right there with the Yankees. Burnett is said to like Braves manager Bobby Cox, and some believe he may prefer to pitch in the National League East rather than the A.L. East.
Buster Olney:
The Yankees are feeling good about their position in the A.J. Burnett bidding. It is not likely that they will make an offer that is comparable to the $91.5 million deal once signed by Carlos Zambrano, as has been speculated, but they are confident that they will have the largest offer on the table -- five years and $80 million -- when the bidding is over.
That's good news, at least, because Burnett does not deserve Zambrano money at all. He also doesn't exactly warrant five years either, but the Yankees don't realize that for some reason.

And now from Ken Rosenthal:
Burnett's representatives were expected to contact interested clubs Thursday, giving them one last chance to beat the Yankees offer of five years and approximately $85 million.

The Braves have offered four years and an easily attainable vesting option for a fifth year that would put the total value of their package to about $80 million, according to sources. To land Burnett, they would need to guarantee the fifth year and increase their financial offer.
Swoop in with five and $90 million, Atlanta!


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