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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Opt-out clause for Sabathia

CC Sabathia will have the option to opt out of his Yankees contract after three seasons, according to Tim Brown and Gordon Edes.

Sabathia will officially be paid $161 million, but can sign elsewhere if he so chooses after being paid $69 million. This, according to the two reporters, eased Sabathia's concerns about playing in New York.

Sabathia will take a physical in New York in the next few days, meaning that the deal won't be officially announced until at least then.

Could this be why the Yankees are looking at Derek Lowe for four years?


She-Fan said...

Why didn't we just hand him the Empire State Building? We'd already blown other teams away with our initial offer. Why the extra millions? Plus the opt-out? Talk about a golden parachute.

She-Fan said...

Nice photo of The Man in his new cap, btw. Will he wear it crooked?

Anonymous said...

Please dear god let Apple Jacks Burnett go to Atlanta!!!!

Andrew Fletcher said...

I hope he does, Jane.

I hope he goes to Atlanta too.

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