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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sabathia meets new Stadium

Ed Price posted some pictures of CC Sabathia (provided by the New York Yankees) touring the new Yankee Stadium.

He's got a $161-million smile.

REMINDER!!! 1:00 press conference tomorrow. The live chat will be up at 12:45 so drop by and talk Yankees baseball with yours truly. Hopefully we get a decent turn out.

Also, please vote in the poll on the right-hand side of the page. I'm going to make a special award for the winner, so I want to get as many votes as possible!


Anonymous said...

Joe says......
Hey, Andrew, is that your photo of CC wearing his Yankee cap on the outfield scoreboard? lol

Andrew Fletcher said...

Ha, wouldn't that be something?

Raven King said...

Wow, CC definitely looks thinner!

Andrew Fletcher said...

Baggy clothing is a wonderful thing. Can't wait to see him in a suit tomorrow.

Mark said...

yea, i'm pretty sure the clothes helped him look thinner. i mean, even damon and arod look kinda fat in pinstripes, so i'm sure street clothes are flattering.

that said, i hope he didn't lose weight staying up for sleepless nights in fear of pitching in NY. i don't want a scared pitcher.

i'm sure it's just the clothes though and i'm sure CC's will rock. =)

Andrew Fletcher said...

He could be 400 pounds for all I care. I just want him to win ball games and stay healthy.

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