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Monday, December 29, 2008

Showalter praises Teixeira

Kat O'Brien spoke to Buck Showalter this afternoon about the Mark Teixeira signing. Showalter, of course, managed Teixeira for four season in Texas and praised him as a player.

"I think he'll do well. All multi-year contracts have some risk, but I think he's a great health risk. He's not going to embarrass you on or off the field. He's going to be prepared. He's got a real passion for (the game). ... If there's such a thing as a safe eight-year contract, that would be it. He's been so consistent and so healthy."

"He's been a little bit of a slow starter, which doesn't necessarily play well in New York." (Will that be a problem for him, case him to get off on the wrong foot?) "I don't think so. I think Mark has a lot of self-confidence, and rightly so, because of the way he works and prepares."

"I think people will really appreciate what a good first baseman Mark is. He's really made himself into that -- you forget he was drafted as a third baseman. If I was Alex or Derek or Robby Cano, I'd be excited about getting him. He'll make all three of those guys better with his defense."
Good things to hear. To see everything Buck said, click the above link.


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