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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sox owner on Teixeira: 'We are not going to be a factor'

Wow. Shocking news coming out of Boston.

According to Adam Kilgore of the Boston Globe, John Henry, the Red Sox owner, e-mailed the media saying they're out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes.

Henry's words: "We met with Mr. Teixeira and were very much impressed with him. After hearing about his other offers, however, it seems clear that we are not going to be a factor."
This is contrary to this report.

I doubt the Yankees will swoop in here, but anything can happen. I'll post this picture anyway.


Anonymous said...

Oh ho oh ho, Andrew, do you know what putting his "capped" picture on here means? Yeah, you know.... (me too)! Shhhh.....we gots a new stadium to fill......shhhh.

Mark said...

that picture made me cry of joy. it'd be my christmas wish come true.

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