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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bruney, Cabrera make their demands known

Peter Abraham has the latest updates on the arbitration front:

Brian Bruney
is seeking $1.55 million in arbitration, and the Yankees countered with a $1.1-million offer.

For some reason, Melky Cabrera thinks he's worth $1.7 million. The Yankees, unamused, responded with $1.2 million, still a large jump from the $461,000+ he made last season.

Abraham received word that Cabrera has signed, but does not know the figure yet. I will update this post when I get the news.

Update - 6:45 p.m.: From Abraham:

Melky Cabrera settled for $1.4 million from the Yankees.

He can earn an additional $100,000 in performance bonuses based on plate appearances: $25,000 each for 525, 550, 575 and 600.
What a country! How ridiculous.


Bob Ruffolo said...

Melky's crazy if he thinks he's going to get $1.7 million, he was demoted to AAA last year!

She-Fan said...

Melky got more than he deserved. Amazing.

Raven King said...

Are Hal and Cash mad or what?
They don't want to pay Bruney 1.55 M but are willing to pay Melky 1.4 M???

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