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Friday, January 30, 2009

Scott Proctor is charitable

Thank you, Drew, for bringing this to my attention.

Scott Proctor, his agent and his foundation are trying to make baseball more prevalent in Proctor's hometown of Stuart, Fla.

Proctor's agent donated $10,000 to help improve a baseball field, and then Proctor's M.E.'s Team Charitable Foundation donated another $10,000.

“This was one of our initial dreams,” Proctor said, “getting baseball to different groups of kids. Just growing up, I’d see one or two black kids playing baseball ... not a lot. Come to find out, rides to practice are a problem. And baseball costs a lot of money. The bats are expensive, the gloves, cleats.”
I love it when players give back to their communities. I also love it when namesakes of my blog do the same.


She-Fan said...

I lived in Stuart for seven years, and I know how much they must appreciate Proctor's contribution. Good job by your namesake.

Anonymous Number Two said...

Yeah, but why is Scottie just talking about black kids? There are plenty of Caribbean kids, Asian kids and believe me there are plenty of poor white kids down there too. I don't see how improving the field helps anyone buy a bat or a glove or cleats - or get a ride to practice. But I suppose every little bit helps!

buying term papers online said...

$10 000 for a baseball field? I'd love to have such a 'friend' )) Very nice!

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