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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yankees could bring both Swisher and Nady to Tampa

Now that the Andy Pettitte situation is resolved, it's time to steer the conversation back to the outfielders. Jon Heyman has a new report out about Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady.

More teams have shown interest in Nick Swisher than Xavier Nady, but it's possible now that the Yankees take both players to spring training. After getting Pettitte back so cheap, they don't appear to be in quite the rush to unload one of the outfielder's contracts. While Swisher may be drawing interest, the value of Nady, who outhit Swisher by quite a bit last year (.305 to .219), has to be much higher.
As I've said all along, keep both!


She-Fan said...

Yes, keep both so I can get a look at them in Tampa and decide which one I want voted off the show!

Andrew Fletcher said...

Well played, Jane.

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