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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yankees still open to Pettitte's return

Pete Caldera has the latest news on Andy Pettitte (and bonus Freddy Garcia information):

Andy Pettitte is still in play, and Freddy Garcia is very much on the Yankees' radar - though it would appear he might have a better opportunity to be a starter with the Mets. As for Ben Sheets, the Yankees like him, but right now they would probably only take him on a one-year deal with a deep discount -- say, something in the $7 million range guaranteed.

According to a source with knowledge of such things, the door is still not closed on Pettitte, and there has been some dialogue lately -- though there's been no movement off the club's $10.5 million stance (or Pettitte's stance, for that matter). But the fact that they are still talking provides some hope that a deal could get done.
Very interesting. If Pettitte still wants to pitch, you better believe he's still talking with the Yankees. There hasn't been much talk between Pettitte and other teams.

As for Garcia, the Mets can have him.

Update - 9:01 p.m.: And the Mets just got him.


Andrew Vazzano said...

The jury is still out.

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