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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Yankees will wear Stadium patch this season

The Yankees wore two patches on their uniforms last year - one for the final season of Yankee Stadium and the other for the All-Star Game.

Peter Abraham posted the new Yankee Stadium patch image today. The Yankees will wear it on their home and away uniforms. My guess is it will be on the left sleeve like the final season patch was. The Yankees' reasoning back then was so Yankee Stadium would be closest to the players' heart.

Meanwhile, the Citi Field patch (see Abraham's link) is God-awful. Seriously. Could it be any more generic?


She-Fan said...

I think these patches are getting to be overkill. Will they wear one in 2010 that says "Second Year in New Stadium?"

Andrew Fletcher said...

I can understand them using all these of these recent patches. This will probably be the last patch for a while. I can't see them wearing one until the new place hosts an All-Star Game.

Mike said...

I hate the patches and the arm band whenplayers die. LEAVE THE UNIFORM ALONE!

Andrew Vazzano said...

Mine are better!!!!


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