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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The cousin is identified

ESPN tracked down Alex Rodriguez's infamous drug-providing cousin. Yuri Sucart is his name.

When an ESPN Deportes producer knocked on the Sucarts' door in Miami, Fla., no one answered. The producer then called the Sucarts' house on the telephone and reached a woman who later identified herself as Yuri Sucart's wife. When the producer asked if Rodriguez had referred to her husband at Tuesday's news conference, she said yes.

Carmen Sucart said Rodriguez had given enough details about her husband at the news conference.

"I told you my husband has nothing to say," she said. "What A-Rod said at the press conference is what happened and that is all. And if you want to talk to my husband, why don't you talk to his lawyer?"
Good thing reporters weren't looking for the (at least) 279 people named Rodriguez in Miami.

I hope this is the last of A-Rod's drug talk, I really do.


Anonymous said...

It won't. Sorry.

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