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Saturday, February 7, 2009

On A-Rod

Now that I'm done writing about more basketball than I'd care to admit, I'm ready to tackle the Alex Rodriguez news.

Here is a very telling quote from the same SI article I quoted in the previous post:

When approached by an SI reporter on Thursday at a gym in Miami, Rodriguez declined to discuss his 2003 test results. "You'll have to talk to the union," said Rodriguez, the Yankees' third baseman since his trade to New York in February 2004. When asked if there was an explanation for his positive test, he said, "I'm not saying anything."
This "no comment" comment does more harm than good. I know if I were accused of taking steroids but knew I was innocent, I'd flat-out deny it and tell my side of the story, not tell someone to contact someone else.

Am I surprised of this news? No. After growing up watching baseball in the 90s, nothing regarding steroids surprises me anymore. Jose Canseco mentioned Rodriguez in one of his books, bringing Rodriguez's alleged drug use to the forefront.

Do I hope this is not true? Yes. I want what's best for the Yankees, and dealing with questions while trying to win baseball games could be extremely detrimental.

I can't wait to see how this plays out. Hopefully he will disclose all of the pertinent information as quickly as possible to stop the questions from being asked.

I will conclude with this bit of information from SI: Two sources familiar with Rodriguez's contract told SI that there is no language about steroids in the contract that would put Rodriguez at risk of losing money.


She-Fan said...

He needs to address this within the next 24 hours. Just tell the truth, explain why, and hope people will move on.

kongon said...

A-Rod doesn't want to incriminate himself by denying the report, yet he doesn't want to admit anything at the same time. Makes the A-Fraud moniker all the more valid with some now saying all of his stats are just as tainted as Bonds'. Nice.

Andrew Fletcher said...

The "no comment" just makes him guilty in my eyes. I agree that he needs to address it as soon as possible, Jane, but he won't.

No denial = guilt.

Alex H said...

That's a great point, i think saying "no comment" really is kind of a dead give away that he is guilty.

Lenny Neslin said...

Very true about the "no comment," fletch.

A-Rod confuses me: 57 homers in 2002, 47 homers in 2003, and 36 homers in 2004...

Lets face it though, A-Rod's upper body looks twice the size as it was when he was with the M's. It's too bad these steroid tests don't tell you how long he took them for.

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