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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wrapping up Rodriguez's press conference

Alex Rodriguez, starting 20 minutes late, just finished up.

He went into some detail, saying his cousin injected him. He called it "amateur hour" and said it was just between them and they weren't exactly sure what they were doing (Ed. Note: I don't believe that for a second. He took a substance for three years and didn't know what it did? How can you buy that?). He said he was injected twice a month, but refused to give his cousin's name.

He also admitted to taking Ripped Fuel while in Seattle, a substance which has since been banned.

"Young and stupid" (thanks Jeremy) was the theme of Rodriguez's speech and subsequent answers to questions.

There were no follow-up questions from reporters, which made this press conference an easier experience for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez brought in Dan Hooton, a father whose son committed suicide after taking steroids, to essentially save face and donate to his foundation.

Rodriguez was visibly nervous and there was a poignant pause for about 30 seconds or more at the end of his prepared statement when he dropped his script and said "thank you" to his teammates for their support.

All of that said, I don't think Rodriguez accomplished much. It's extremely hard to believe Rodriguez didn't know what he was doing at the time. I also would've liked to have seen follow-up questions to put Rodriguez off-kilter. Questions are still out there, unfortunately.


kongon said...

Other than his getting emotional when he attempted to thank his teammates for sticking behind him, A-Rod was just too vague. Every answer was pretty much revolved him being young/naive/stupid/oblivious/unaware or the token "that's not for me to decide." It's the latter statement that I found too evasive like his "no comment" from a couple weeks back. Why would someone willingly take take banned substances sight unseen without worrying about the long term consequences (as if there were none?!)is also troubling.

At least I heard something I wanted, that he should be judged for his performance from here on out if his past is under such scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, do the extra details matter? He revealed everything that was necessary. Who cares about his cousin? Why can't you guys just believe him when he says he was "young and stupid." That is a viable reason (tell me that no one in the media ever did anything when they were young). He said that they did not know what thy were doing because all his cousin said was that it will help him and who knows if will hurt. You can take Muscle Milk today, but you don't really think it'll hurt you, so it's a similar situation. And looking at his stats, the steroids really did not help.It's Alex Rodriguez, so that's why everyone is questioning him. He's hated by that damn media. Imagine if you were in his shoes and then you'll know everything from his perspective. Don't be a hater Andrew, you know better.

Anonymous said...

Hater is right!

We've all done stupid things at one point or another in our lives. If there is any evidence that he isn't saying the truth then that's another thing, but we don't have the right to say "Oh I don't buy it" when he IS saying he took a steroid, He IS answering questions, and the whole "no follow up questions" is understandable being that there was limited time in the agenda. There will be literally dozens of times in which there will be questions and answers, just be happy he's opening up to the public, and don't be hater.

If it was some mediocre player who took that stuff for longer than he did and with bad numbers, would he be questioned, would we say oh it's cause he was young and stupid...he's telling us the truth. Same story different person, big difference of opinions. Can we please move on with baseball!!!

Andrew Fletcher said...

The journalist in me wants to see and hear the entire truth, that's all. I don't care whether that makes me a hater or not. Just because he's answering questions doesn't mean he's telling the truth. A-Rod has a team of PR people around him, telling him what he can say to give the people what they want to hear.

This era has taught me to look at everything with a critical eye, and that's exactly what I'm doing today.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean, you don't think he's saying the entire truth? What if he is? How can you be sure he isn't? Do you think he would rather drag this on and make it more complicated?

If anyone knows how much he's watched under the microscope is him. If I had millions and millions at my disposal and with a "crisis" like this...you bet I'll hire people that will guide me through this. Why do you think Obama has people to advise him. Yes they are different issues, but you wont say "I don't buy it...he's got people that tells him what to say."

Were you expecting to get all the answers from him in one day? If he did then you wouldn't be writing about him, would you? cause you go all the answers right? wrong...you'll always find something to criticize your target with...yes?

I'm just putting myself in his shoes. I think what he did was wrong, but we all madke mistakes, he admitted to it...and that's what counts. I think that makes him a better person. In my eyes, he's still one of the best, if not "the" best hitter of all time. But that's my opinion.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I just can't believe that an athlete who's making $25 million+ a season doesn't know exactly is being injected into his rear end. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous (the one that called you a hater) said...

Do you remember (the exact date) each of the times you got injected by immunizations? And do you remember what each was called...who knows what the doctor was doing. He was injecting you to help you and so how much did you question him?

Andrew Fletcher said...

I think I'd remember something my cousin (not a doctor) was giving me! Exact dates aren't what's necessary here. If I got a shot from a doctor, I would ask what it was and why he or she was giving it to me. I'd be concerned if someone other than a doctor was injecting something into my body...and I'm not making $30 million per year. Rodriguez was just acting so cavalier toward the whole thing, calling it "amateur hour" and such.

joey said...

Check out this nice take on the A-rod saga…http://fanzak.com/fzrants/Another_Guy_s_Thoughts_On_The_A_Roid_Apology

She-Fan said...

To me, the most honest thing he said is the very thing he's getting trashed about. When he was asked (I'm paraphrasing), "Did the steroids work?" He said, "I don't know. It's half mental and half physical. If you took a glass of water you could convince yourself it was working." I've said the same thing about the steroids issue: There's bound to be a placibo effect. I'm sure a lot of why players take them is because they THINK they're being helped in their performance.

Raven King said...

I have to say I agree with Johnny Damon on this.
Although it almost made me choked on my tea.

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