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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yankees bloggers survey

Steve from Was Watching reached out to a bunch of Yankees bloggers and writers, asking how old we were when the Yankees last won the World Series in 2000 and how we would describe the state of the Yankees over the last five years.

Some of my favorites also responded: Rebecca, Patrick, Greg, Jane and El Duque.

Below is what I wrote. I was 12 in 2000.

The Yankees of the last five years has, unfortunately, been different from the teams I grew up watching at the end of the 90s. Unlike the older teams these teams have not seen much success via the free agency and trade markets. Where to begin? Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright. The list goes on and on.

Then while the team realized its mistakes and tried to develop within, we get the early failures of Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes. You can’t fault the Yankees for trying. They have just hit patches of bad luck, which are magnified due to the high payroll and the Boston Red Sox winning two recent titles.

What’s different about this offseason is that the Yankees have signed free agents who are in their respective primes. It’s easy to argue that A.J. Burnett could blow up in the team’s face, but we should all expect big things from CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira.

A championship this season could wash away most, if not all, of the hurt we received in 2001, 2003 and 2004. And it’ll be hard to expect anything less than a World Series title. Not after the offseason this team had.


Patrick said...

Thanks for the kind words. :)


Dave said...

I agree. We need a championship this year. I also have a lot of Yankees new and opinions at my blog. You should visit. The link is yankeesfever.blogspot.com

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