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Friday, March 13, 2009

Cashman denies telling Giambi to use steroids

SI's Jeff Pearlman is releasing a book titled "The Rocket that Fell to Earth," obviously about Roger Clemens. However, there is an anecdote about Brian Cashman and Jason Giambi that has angered the Yankees' GM. Take a look:

The book said that when Giambi went through a slump in the 2002 season, his first with the Yankees, Cashman was heard yelling at a television in the Yankees’ clubhouse during a game. Citing “one New York player,” the book said that Cashman screamed, “Jason, whatever you were taking in Oakland,” get back on it.

The book said that Cashman then added, “Please!”

In a telephone interview Thursday night, Cashman said that the anecdote described in the book never happened.

“That is completely false,” Cashman said.

He added, in reference to the author: “This guy never even called me and asked me if it was true. You think he would have done some fact-checking.”

“The source was a Yankee player who was an eyewitness and in whom I have 100 percent confidence,” Pearlman said.

But he acknowledged that he should have called Cashman for his reaction. “He’s totally right,” Pearlman said. “I didn’t call him for comment and I should have.

“But that doesn’t mean the story isn’t correct.”
As an (aspiring) journalist, I hope that Pearlman did his homework here. I wouldn't be surprised if this story turned out to be true, but there's really no way to prove anything here. It's still an interesting revelation.


She-Fan said...

Am I the only one who's sick of reading about players who did steroids or executives who turned a blind eye or both?

Andrew Fletcher said...

It still interests me for some reason. I'm not sure why.

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