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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Different option for A-Rod?

Michael S. Schmidt of the Times sheds light on a different type of treatment for Alex Rodriguez's torn labrum.

As Alex Rodriguez, medical experts and Yankees officials ponder whether to rest or repair the torn labrum in Rodriguez’s right hip, a third option of how to treat the tear has gained momentum, according to a person in baseball familiar with the matter.

Under what is being called the hybrid option, Rodriguez would have a modest surgery that would repair the labrum and would keep him off the field for only about a month, the person said. The repair would allow him to play from one to three years. Eventually he would need a more invasive surgery.

“It would be like using a nail instead of a steel girder to repair it,” said the person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because no decision had been made. “Eventually the nail would have to be replaced with the steel girder.”
If this is true, that sounds like a terrific and viable option. He could then get the "more invasive surgery" in the offseason if need be.


Yankeeboy98 said...

If that indeed is an option, go with curtain number 3 A-Rod right now!!! Also, if this means a month to recover, if he has it tomorrow he could be in the lineup as early as April 8.

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