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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gardner tapped for CF

Joe Girardi announced that Brett Gardner will be the starting center fielder, according to Peter Abraham. Melky Cabrera will be on the team.

Said Girardi: “Both of them played great. Melky had a tough year last year but he came into camp, was ready to go and played very well. Gardy finished up strong (last season) and had a great camp and we’re just going to go with Gardy.”
Gardner's speed is definitely intriguing, but he can't steal first base. He's hit well this spring - .418 with three home runs and six RBIs - but we know that spring stats don't matter all that much. For comparison's sake, Cabrera hit .328 with nine RBIs.

However, we all know what Cabrera does (and can't do), so it'll be nice to see someone new and exciting playing everyday until he becomes a detriment to the team.


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Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I'd like to see either of them do this well over the course of any month this season.

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