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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Matsui, Rivera on the mend

Two recovering Yankees, Hideki Matsui and Mariano Rivera will pass important milestones today, according to Kat O'Brien.

Matsui is in the lineup for the Yankees today against Team Canada. He's actually getting in there with a little more time before Opening Day than he did last season, plus the Yankees don't have any illusions that he will be a regular outfielder this season.

Rivera is set to throw a bullpen session from a half-mound today. It'd be difficult to overestimate Rivera's importance to the team, so it's very good for the Yankees to get him going on a mound. He doesn't throw many innings in any spring training, so a late start should not be a problem for him unless he has a setback in his shoulder.
Good news there. Matsui will be the starting DH today.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I have no faith in Matsui anymore. Girardi said it they just try to get him through each day. And the fact that he's getting into games earlier this season doesn't make me feel that good since he was pretty broken down last year.

Andrew Fletcher said...

They need him now more than ever!

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