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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mussina hangs around

Mike Mussina stopped by Yankees' camp today. Although he was happy to be around, he has no regrets about leaving the game after a 20-win season.

From Bryan Hoch:

"I'm doing nothing," Mussina said, grinning. "And when I walked through the weight room, I knew why I'm doing nothing. I feel good being retired."

As he would later reveal, Mussina knew last spring that 2008 would be his final season. There was no point during the offseason that he thought about changing his mind, he said, and even when pitchers and catchers began reporting to Spring Training camps, Mussina found himself content.

"It just seemed like a longer winter," he said. "It didn't seem any different. When the weather gets better, it'll be different. I'll see them playing on TV more often, and it'll be different. But I'm good."

Standing in the hallway outside manager Joe Girardi's office, Mussina appeared relaxed, wearing an ESPN cap, a Ford Mustang T-shirt, shorts and sandals. Girardi embraced Mussina and asked if he wanted to change into uniform for the day.

"No, I'm not getting dressed, and I'm not throwing out the first pitch," Mussina said.
Moose was always one of my favorites. It's good to hear from him again and hopefully he'll be a fixture around Yankee Stadium this year and in the future.


She-Fan said...

I can't get past what he said about Mo in Torre's book. I know he said he was just being honest, but what was the point?

Andrew Fletcher said...

Yeah, those comments were rather unfortunate. There's really no way to defend what he said. But he is still one of my favorites.

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