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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart killed in car accident

Young Angels starter Nick Adenhart was killed in a car accident early today in Fullerton, Calif., just hours after pitching six scoreless innings.

Two others were killed in the accident. The driver, in a red minivan, drove through a red light. The driver fled the scene but was caught a mile away, according to the report.

Terrible news. He was only 22 and had just made his fourth career start. RIP.


stephanie said...

Th is is a horrible, horrible way for anyone to die at the hands of a convicted crimanal, He needs to be given the death penality now and i dont mean sit on death row for yeard and years,he killed three innocent people and injured another for life, not to mention all the lives he has changed forever. These were young men and a beautiful young kady who was loved by many inclucing my daughter.We attended courtney serviced and all you could see was the pain in everyones faces.This man has no respect for hisself much less anyone else,yhe law means nothing to him so his ass needs eo fry and not sit in jail or prison with 3 hot meals and a cot to lay his sorry ass on. When ehis man goes to court we all need to be there and let the judge know that we are tried of losing our children to drunken drivers.My prayers and blessing go out to all of the family members affected by this tragaity

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