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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday YanksBlog.com recap

The Yankees played horrible baseball, losing 16-11.  I am absolutely disgusted.  Unfortunately, today’s game was on a Saturday, so I had to write the recap on YanksBlog.com!

If you want to torture yourself, click here! (no offense, Patrick!)

Misery loves company.  Rant and rave in the comments section.


kongon said...

Gah, what was Girardi trying to do? Recreate the 2004 ALCS experience? These were two games where the Yankees could and should have won. Forget the lack of clutch hits with RISP. The bullpen gave it away. If they can salvage at least one game then they can build on a winning streak or two somewhere until the next meeting.

Bryan said...

A.J. fucking hosed.

She-Fan said...

How could he be so good for three innings and then turn into Farnsworth?

Patrick said...

None taken, Andrew. lol. :) Thanks.


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