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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another day, another walk-off

Today was Johnny Damon’s turn.  He hit a walk-off home run to right field in the 10th inning.  This was the Yankees’ third straight win in such fashion and fifth straight overall, as they improve to 20-17.

Alex Rodriguez also added a solo home run to first get the Yankees on the board after falling behind 2-0.

A.J. Burnett struck out seven and walked six in 6 2/3 innings in the no decision.  Jonathan Albaladejo got out of a jam Burnett created, and Brett Tomko got out of a jam Albaladejo created.

And how about that play by Joe Mauer?  That was unbelievable.  With Brett Gardner at second with one out in the ninth inning, Francisco Cervelli hit a ball off the pitcher that Mauer fielder in front of the plate.  He then pump-faked a throw to first and tagged out the running Gardner at home.

But the day belonged to Damon and the Yankees.  Melky Cabrera won the game Friday night and Rodriguez won it yesterday.  If this doesn’t set the Yankees off, nothing will.

Andy Pettitte goes for the four-game sweep tomorrow night.


NYSJ said...

Great play by Mauer, ridiculously STUPID baserunning by Gardner.

Andrew Fletcher said...

It was rather moronic. Good thing it didn't come back to hurt them.

TwinsFix said...


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