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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bad loss

This was a game the Yankees should have won.  However, I’d be crazy not to take an 8-2 homestand.

Mark Teixeira’s double play in the 10th inning is very bothersome, especially after Robinson Cano was mysteriously taken out of the game for a pinch runner in the ninth inning.  In a game that close, you can’t take out your No. 5 hitter, especially when the bench is as terrible as it is.

The Yankees used to do this all the time with Jason Giambi.  Cano isn’t even that slow.

Oh well.  Three games in Texas and then four more in Cleveland are up next.  There is a day off in between the two series.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I'd rather any of the pitchers that are in Scranton's bullpen to be out there over Brett Tomko. They should have DFA'd him instead of sending down Albaladejo. He could have come in handy tonight.

She-Fan said...

And why wasn't Aceves available? He didn't pitch the day before.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I'm hoping that they're saving him for either Hughes' or Joba's starts. However, I hate playing for tomorrow like that. Aceves should've pitched.

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