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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cashman talks Wang, Bruney

Chien-Ming Wang and Brian Bruney both pitched in Scranton today, as discussed belowBrian Cashman was on hand and spoke to Chad Jennings after.

First, on Wang:

“Performance-wise he was terrific," Cashman said. "This was a much better hitting club. Columbus is a much better offensive club than the team he was facing last time, but his stuff was better last time, to be honest, although he performed great in both outings. He didn’t have the slider that he had last time. His changeup was better today than last time. His fastball velocity was a little bit lower this time than it was last time.

At the same time, he handled the lineup and got a lot of groundballs. Facing guys like Hafner kind of tells you a little something you want to know. I think he had some groundouts and that broken-bat single to center. I know Hafner is on a rehab assignment and he’s a guy who can really do some damage if you’re making mistakes, not making some pitches, and (Wang) made his pitches. That tells you a lot.”

And Bruney:

“He looked healthy, which is the biggest thing for him,” Cashman said. “Unlike Wang, he’s coming off of an elbow injury, so you want to see health. And I saw health.”


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