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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Papelbon whines, Mets win

capt.174be2a4faab4d5a949675e40f85fb42.rays_red_sox_baseball_mamd118The Mets have done what the Yankees have been unable to do this season thus far: beat the Red Sox.  And they’ve already done so twice.

But I really want to talk about what Jonathan Papelbon did in the bottom of the ninth inning tonight.  Papelbon, of course, gave up the game-winning home run in the top of the ninth.

With a runner at first and no outs, Jason Bay grounded to third.  David Wright made a great play just getting to the ball.  He then fired a one-hopped to Luis Castillo who somehow kept his foot on the bag to record the force out.

Papelbon came running out of the dugout and started doing the “safe” motion with his arms.

Now, I ask you to imagine the uproar if a Yankee, more specifically, Joba Chamberlain, did something similar.  Chamberlain is killed for pumping his fist, but guys like Papelbon take it to the next level.  If Chamberlain did the “safe” sign like that, he’d be all over ESPN, Mike Francesa would be calling for his head and columnists would talk about how he’s showing up the opponent.

I want to watch MLB Network or “Baseball Tonight” and see these “analysts” call out Papelbon.  If they don’t, something is seriously wrong.

It was nice to hear one of the Mets’ announcers tell Papelbon to “sit down,” but I want to hear more of a reaction tonight.

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Greg Cohen said...

lol, that was Keith Hernandez who said "sit down." Then Darling said "Seriously."

I really like Darling and Hernandez. Darling is a very good analyst and Hernandez is funny. Not a fan of Gary Cohen, though.

Andrew Katz said...

I totally agree with you. Someone on Sportscenter actually said "I don't know what is Papelbon doing out of the dugout there" when they showed the highlight

Not exactly outrage. But better than nothing.

NY Sports Jerk said...

Oh you had to know I'd have something on this.


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