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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swisher is making me look bad, really bad

Was this a knee-jerk reaction or what?  After six at-bats back in April, I started my “Draft Nick Swisher for starting RF” campaign.

Yes, Swisher had a great April, belting seven home runs and hitting to a tune of a 1.144 OPS.  As great as his April was, his May has been impossibly awful.

He’s batting .119/.291/.224 in May compared to his April numbers of .312/.430/.714.  Yes, his slugging percentage is down .490 points!  What??

To say he’s been exposed would be a severe understatement.  It’s unfortunate because for a long while it looked like the Yankees stole him away from the Chicago White Sox for just the incompetent Wilson Betemit.

As quick as I was to anoint Swisher as the savior, I won’t be as quick to bury him.  There is talent there.  He has just proven he’s not an everyday player.  Xavier Nady needs to come back soon, and Brian Cashman looks pretty good right now in deciding not to trade either of them last offseason.


Monica Bay (T: @Commonscold) said...

Swisher rocks. He'll be fine. Love your blog.

NY Sports Jerk said...

Stop stealing my column ideas without attribution.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Pssh. We've all been thinking it.

kongon said...

I alluded to Scott Brosius before; he had a career year in 1998, but afterwards was only OK. Still, he did have his share of defining moments in Yankee lore with his clutch hits.

Initially Swish looked like he would be that kind of player, with a fresh start and a new team. He had a hot April, but then for some reason, reverted back to his old form a little too quickly. An RBI here and there, albeit resulting in an out, may or may not boost his confidence in helping the team. He does seem to be more of a liability as everyday player right now.

He might need to go back to being a late inning replacement or used every-so-often to, uh...minimize the damage when the Yankees *really* need to score!

Andrew Fletcher said...

He's definitely gotten exposed as an everyday player. It's unfortunate because it looked like they found someone.

Hey, maybe Swisher is the answer for the eighth-inning guy!

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