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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

These seats aren’t used anyway; why start now?

nyugrad2 NYU held its commencement at Yankee Stadium yesterday.  And – via Peter Abraham via Subway Chatter – just like at a Yankees game, the Legends “Suites” were empty!

Abraham said 25,760 people were there.  Was it a commencement ceremony or was it a Yankees/Rays game?

I hope there was a reason why these seats weren’t used, besides the obvious “if you purchase a suite, do you want somebody in your suite?” line.  Because, as we know, no one has purchased these “suites.”

According to Monnie D., Esq. from Subway Chatter:

I may be a Yankee lifer, but only an idiot would fail to see the damage that these seats, and the organization’s correspondingly buffoonish policies, are doing to the Yankee brand; the post-graduation banter didn’t center around Clinton’s speech, or even the beauty of a ballpark some had just seen for the first time. Instead, many could be heard asking a rhetorical question of their own, one, though, that could and should be posed to Lonn Trost, “What were they thinking not letting the kids sit there?”

I love it.

Picture form Subway Chatter


Justin said...

I was there yesterday - found it HILARIOUS. Though I assumed it was a security thing since Hilary Clinton was speaking.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I'm hoping that's the case because it just looks absolutely ridiculous.

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