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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well, at least Joba pitched a nice 4 2/3 innings

Yeesh, this team has just looked terrible.  0-5 against the Red Sox this season is completely unacceptable.

Joba Chamberlain struck out 12 including the final eight outs he recorded, but he still pitched a terrible first inning which counts too.  The offense couldn’t do anything aside from Johnny Damon’s three-run home run, and, once again, the bullpen was terrible.

As we saw early in the season last year, this team can’t run off a prolonged winning streak.  They have a lot of two-game runs followed by three-game drops, and so on and so forth.

I really don’t know where the Yankees go from here.  They are dealing with injuries and ineffectiveness, but the possible replacements in the minors aren’t that good.  I’m not ready to sound the alarm just yet, but it’s getting close.


Anonymous said...

Jabba's pitching wasn't that good. He got a _lot_ of gift calls of pitches that were either two inches outside or two inches inside. Seems that the ump wanted to reward Girardi's tantrum about Lester getting too many calls last night.

kongon said...

There was some hope after Joba settled down after that first inning and Damon's three run dinger did bring us back into the game for an all too brief moment. That should have been the turning point of the game. Then immediately you had Teixeira end the rally by making the first out...which easily led to outs two and three.

Not scoring with RISP has been the demise of the season thus far, whether if it's from the veterans or the underlings wouldn't be here otherwise if not for the injuries. The faulty bullpen has been discussed so much there's nothing I can add.

Mike said...

Win 2, lose 3, win 3, lose 2....that is all you will get from this team as long as Girardi and Eiland are running it.

This is a .500 Team, nothing more, don't expect more.

Anonymous said...

But why does every manager feel compelled to cycle through his relievers until he finds somebody who's ineffective? I know the whole lefty-righty creed, but come on -- if I guy is getting batters out, leave him out there until he does something wrong. You pull every reliever after two outs and you're bound to run out. The bullpen isn't exactly stocked, but Girardi is certainly making the least of a bad situation.

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