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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Words of wisdom from Lonn Trost

Two posts down, I mentioned how whenever Lonn Trost speaks, the more I can’t stand him.  Well, that was before I read this post from the great Neil Best.

Yankees COO Lonn Trost made it quite clear about an hour ago that the team has no current plans to reconsider its policy of not allowing fans into the Legends Suites area during batting practice to seek autographs or simply to get close to their heroes.

I asked him the rationale behind the policy. His blunt comment on that:

“Well, if you purchase a suite, do you want somebody in your suite? You purchase a home, do you want somebody in your home?’’


When I think “suite,” I think of private luxury boxes with their own bathrooms and food above the field.  The seats behind the plate are just that: seats.  Yes, they look like first class seats that you would find in an airplane, but they are seats nonetheless.  The concrete moat that is in place is just another metaphor for Yankee greed.


Stephen said...

Lonn Trost makes me not want to root for the Yankees anymore.

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