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Friday, May 15, 2009

Yankee Stadium Metro-North service to begin next Saturday

yankeemap My dad picked up this month’s edition of “Mileposts,” the newsletter for Metro-North customers last night, and it detailed the new Yankee Stadium Metro-North station, called “Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station.”  The online edition can be found by clicking here (PDF warning).  All links labeled “here” are PDFs.

Many of the details printed in this “Mileposts” can also be found on the MTA site.

Basically, customers on the Hudson Line receive direct service to this station from Grand Central Terminal, Harlem-125th Street and all of the other stations.  Here are the game day schedules for the Hudson Line.

If you don’t want to hop on the Hudson Line from Grand Central or Harlem-125th Street, there is direct service to Yankee Stadium.  That schedule is here.  However, this service only begins two hours before gametime, while the gates at the Stadium open three hours before gametime.  So keep that in mind if you want to get to the game early.  Also, shuttles returning to Manhattan after weekday day games do not stop in Harlem, so also keep that in mind.

On the Harlem and New Haven lines, you need to transfer at Grand Central or 125th Street.  However, the MTA says direct service will be available for weekend and holiday games and there is some direct return service for weeknight gamesHere is the direct weekend schedule for the Harlem Line and here is the New Haven Line schedule.

There is also a parking garage, with the pricing and hours found here.  Bear in mind that the garage closes at 10 p.m. on weekends, so if you’re thinking about parking in the garage for an 8:05 ESPN Sunday night game, think again.  It closes at midnight Monday-Friday.  Parking for the event is $19.

As seen in the above graphic, the station is not up against the Stadium like the subway is.  There is a covered pedestrian overpass and the MTA says the walk is under 10 minutes.

When exiting the station for the game, you will need to show the ticket collectors your rail ticket.  If you have monthly or weekly tickets for travel into and out of Manhattan (Harlem, Hudson and New Haven), you can take the train to Yankees-E. 153rd Street at no extra charge.  This also applies to Port Jervis and Pascack Valley customers who travel to Hoboken and Penn Station-NY.

If something isn’t clear or you need to know more information, please let me know.


She-Fan said...

Wow, Andrew. They should make you head of the transit authority. Or mayor. Or something.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Just doing a service to my fellow fans!

Joan said...

I wonder how much quicker it is to transfer to the Hudson line at 125th St than to walk over to the subway.

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