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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proctor on the road to recovery

Tyler Kepner wrote a great piece on Scott Proctor in today’s New York Times.  In it, Proctor reveals he is a recovering alcoholic.

Proctor visited Dr. James Andrews, who described to him the state of his elbow ligament in one word: mush. Just before reconstructive surgery May 12, Proctor said, he made a bigger life decision. He quit drinking.

“I was miserable for so long, because I was living two different lifestyles,” Proctor said Saturday. “I just got to the point where enough was enough.”

Proctor said he could not recall a specific game or moment that he ruined because of alcohol. But too many late nights and too many beers caught up with him, he said, and by the time of his trade, it was obvious he had lost his chance to stay.

“When your body’s that dry from all the booze, it’s got to have an effect,” Proctor said. “You can’t be consistent when you’re doing that kind of stuff.”

It is good to hear that he is getting his life together.

At the end of the piece, Proctor says he would love to play for the Yankees again, as his contract expires at the end of this season.  He was hoping to speak with Brian Cashman, but he didn’t make the trip down to Florida.

”I pretty much have a new arm,” he said.

Update – 11:48 a.m.: Mark Feinsand also wrote about Proctor in today’s Daily News.


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