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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And that is why I hate the bunt

Frank Francisco is on the ropes and Nick Swisher, in his infinite wisdom, decides to give him a free out.  What a joke.

If Joe Girardi called that, he should be fired on the spot.  Even if he didn’t call it, Swisher squared up earlier in that at-bat.  He could’ve made it crystal clear that the bunt was not on.

What a terrible ending to an equally terrible game.

Update – 11:25 p.m.: During the postgame, Girardi said that he was trying to move the runners over and that Swisher has been a good bunter all year.

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the idiocy of this move.


Anonymous said...

This is a tough call for me as half of me is saying that we're lighting up Francisco and have him on the ropes...why give them a free out? However under normal circumstances I would agree with the move as (assuming the bunt was executed) you would have Melky who has been one of our cluchest players only having to make contact to tie the game. And at worst youd have Jeter (the hottest hitter on the planet) with an oppurtunity to win the game with a single. Having said all this I think Girardi has to do a better job of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his players. Earlier in a similar situation he tried to have Damon bunt and the move backfired as Damon looked like he hadnt bunted in 10 years. Swisher although he has a couple of sac bunts is a great on base perc. guy who could just as easily walk as do anything else. I honestly was torn at the time but having reconsidered everything I'd have to agree with you and not understand Girardi's decision. But let's take it easy with "fire him on the spot"...I know your probably kidding because the guy has done a great job this year and you could literally count how many controversial or ill advised decisions he has made all season.


kongon said...

I don't know what Girardi's definition of "good bunter" means. It's like when the non-bunting Damon was asked to bunt a few weeks ago and it resulted in an easy out. Swish could have easily made a productive out (which he's good at!) and keep something going. Giving up an easy out so the slumping Melky could end the game was unacceptable.

I really felt the game was over early on with all those consistent two out rallies that Joba was giving away. Is the Joba experiment over yet? Too much rest? Back to the pen? Even when he does pitch on his regular schedule and does decent, he makes way too many pitches in the first few innings to be of any use later.

Andrew Fletcher said...

I wasn't being completely serious with "fire him on the spot," but I don't think he's done a great job either. He's quite ordinary, and I'm terrified at what he's capable of doing come October. The decision to bunt in that situation is absolutely reprehensible. You only bunt if the batter is named Ramiro Pena or Jose Molina.

The game was over when Chamberlain didn't show up, but the Yankees had a chance to win it. I have no idea what's wrong with him, though. He's been absolutely terrible.

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