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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

On Joba

So, last night I was called out by Joe at River Ave. Blues for some tweets I made during yesterday’s game pertaining to the new Joba Chamberlain rules and regulations.

Much like Ross, who was actually at yesterday’s game, seeing Chamberlain throw 35 pitches only to be taken out is enough to be frustrated.  I think the babying of Chamberlain has gone a bit too far.

Chamberlain has looked fairly ordinary this year, and who can blame him?  The Yankees have changed his routine almost on a weekly basis by altering his days off, capping his innings and pitches, etc.

It’s frightening to know he’s the No. 4 starter in October if the Yankees advance past the Division Series.  The Yankees are simulating spring training in the middle of a race to attain home-field advantage, and I’m not too confident in Chamberlain being playoff-ready.  That’s the root of my concerns with this plan.

Chamberlain threw 35 pitches in three innings.  In starts where there weren’t innings limits, he nibbled more, elevating his pitch count early.  Did he change the way he pitched yesterday because he knew he’d only hang around for three innings?  Perhaps.  I want him to be at the top of his game when the playoffs roll around.

No, I don’t have a plan for Chamberlain, but I’m not convinced the Yankees know what they’re doing either.  I was tired of hearing that “we have a plan” and “we’re on schedule” all summer from the front office.  I think if they really had a plan, they would’ve been forthright from the beginning.

I just hope it all works out in the end, because if it doesn’t, the Yankees will be the butt of jokes for years.

I think I’m with everyone when I say I can’t wait until next year when “the training wheels are off,” because frankly, this whole situation has gotten to the point where it’s ridiculous, just as the previous quoted phrase has gotten old.


Mike said...

I agree with you.

As for innings limits, is a 10 pitch inning the same as a 30 pitch inning?

Anonymous said...

The Yankees aren't doing this for fun, they have to. They want to save his arm for years to come. You can't bash their plan unless you know something better, which you obviously dont. If you do, thats kinda dumb. You have no reason whatsoever to hate/refute the plan.

Also, you can't blame the struggles of Joba on the plan. He is an inconsistent 23 year old pitcher, which is normal. Earlier in the year, when he had no leash, he still struggled...what are you going to blame that on?

Rob A from BBD said...

Honestly, I don't think this article helps your argument at all. Not to say that you are wrong, but it seems from all the evidence that his innings need to be limited and spacing out his starts extra days didn't seem to be helping him pitch at all. Holding him to 3 innings while building him up to the playoffs seems at least as smart and not utterly moronic.

Anonymous said...

The real answer is that there is no real answer. Joba is a head case and still immature (and perhaps out of shape and short of personal discipline). Unless all of you guys can get into his head - Rob, Ross or RBA will not have the answer either.

Anonymous said...

In the end, the plan can only hope to save Joba for the future...maybe. As to readiness for postseason competition...no way. No one in right mind would prepare a starter for a key role in postseason in this manner.

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