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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Andy Roddick would be a great Yankee

If you're watching Andy Roddick's first round French Open match against Igor Andreev on tape delay, he lost.

Roddick (pictured) is an overhyped tennis player who is known for only having a hard serve. He has only won one major Grand Slam event, the 2003 U.S. Open.

If Roddick was a baseball player, he'd fit in perfectly with the post-2001 New York Yankees. He is a big name who is not a winner. He would be a power hitter, who hits long, majestic home runs. But he would not be not a complete baseball player. A Jason Giambi, if you will.

Since the heartbreaking loss in 2001, this is the type of player the Yankees have turned to. Giambi, Alex Rodriguez (to an extent), Gary Sheffield, etc. The names are attractive, but they do not help your team win in the long run.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images and Yahoo! Sports


Charlie said...

Sheff won a World Series

Anonymous said...

Damn....what if the Yankee lineup took tennis rackets up to bat? Do you think they could hit something then?

Yanks signed Scott Savol.
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