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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

By the way: Rachel Nichols does not blink; Duke lacrosse

Here at SPA, I am always trying new things; you know, throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. For "By the way," I will talk about things that don't really have much to do with the Yankees but feel are interesting and should be mentioned here. These items may or may not be about sports, either. These two items, incidentally, do indeed deal with sports. These may be frequent, considering the way the Yankees are playing this year.

ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols (pictured) does not blink during her reports. If she does, it is an extremely rare occurrence. I have recently started to notice this, and it is pretty remarkable. Next time you see her on SportsCenter, look closely at her eyes, even though the rest of her is rather attractive.

Duke University's lacrosse team had a great run this year following the "rape" "allegations" by an "exotic" dancer from last year. The 2006 season was canceled and their coach was forced to resign. Three players' lives were seemingly ruined. However, the charges were dropped earlier this year and the team was restored for this season. They finished with a record of 17-3 and lost in the championship game to Johns Hopkins University by only one goal on Monday. Love or hate Duke, this is a great story.


A.V. said...

i believe we should start a blog in an effort to get her fired.
she is the worst reporter ever.
her and that other red head fat chick on ESPN absolutely suck ass.

Andrew Fletcher said...

She obviously wasn't hired for her reporting prowess.

A.V. said...

too bad she also looks like a dog.

Dan Patrick said...

Are u kidding! She is gorgeous! I want to fuck her ass right now!

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