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Friday, June 22, 2007

An exposé on the American Idle himself

Michel Weinreb at ESPN.com wrote a great article (via WasWatching) on Carl Pavano.

It's rather long, but it's also rather entertaining. I usually never read anything this long, but I did this time. That alone should show you how good of an article it is.


Mantlemurcer said...

"I usually never read anything this long"

When did you become Strider

Andrew Fletcher said...

I've always been like that. Blame the education system.

Andrea said...

To be honest, I really did think Pavano was going to turn around. The ONLY reason I thought this was because he was spending a LOT of time with Andy Pettitte. Every time they showed the dugout, Pavano was talking to Andy, and Pettitte didn't even seem too upset about it. I thought to myself, "only good can come of this. Andy Pettitte will not allow someone to just lay down and die." I guess Pavano's desire to lay down and die overcame Pettitte's good influence.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Pavano was done when Mike Mussina of all people was criticizing him.

Did you notice in the article that Pavano's parents are still running a dry cleaning business even after his $40 million contract?

Andrea said...

I did notice that. Maybe they really like dry cleaning?

I don't know though. I kind of thought the Pettitte effect would overcome the Moose criticism. Once there were articles saying Pavano was insistent on the Tommy John surgery and the Yankees were seeking other opinions, I had a feeling he was done, whether due to surgery or not.

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