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Friday, June 22, 2007

Ridiculous article from some Sacramento rag

A commenter at The LoHud Yankees Blog brought this article to my attention.

But at least with the traveling rock stars that are the Yankees, complete with their own soap-opera-quality drama, the focus in the Bay Area this weekend will not be on the woeful Giants. And peeved Giants fans can redirect their anger at a foe more distinguished than those low-down, dirty scoundrels in blue from down south.

Because with the Evil Empire so easy to hate -- even Darth Vader had a few redeeming qualities by throwing the Emperor down the shaft, while Yankees fans continue to worship at the feet of "The Boss" -- only the Yankees can provide distraction from a struggling outfit like Barry Bonds and company.

And really, is there a more heartwarming moment in sports, outside of New York City's five boroughs, than when the final out is recorded to bounce the Yankees from the playoffs shy of ANOTHER World Series title? Maybe when Duke falls in the NCAA Tournament, but that's a column for another day.

A's reliever Alan Embree, who also counts the Giants and Yankees among the nine teams for which he has played, has seen the fear and loathing from all sides.

"You go out for stretch, and you look on their ballpark and it says, '27 World Titles,' or however many it is," Embree said. (Actually, it's 26, but who's counting?)

"There's an aura, and when you win like that, you're allowed to have an aura about you." Yet that aura is easily seen as arrogance.

Cheering for the Yankees is akin to rooting for Big Oil, and as such, only native New Yorkers should be allowed to do so. They're front-runners, anyway, and the bandwagon will dry up.

Take advantage, Giants fans, because when the Yankees leave, you'll only have your team to kick around.

That's the sign of your team having a great year, folks. You circle the three dates the Yankees are in town, purchase those tickets and boo them loudly. When they leave a couple of days later, your team is still awful.

And I love how Alan Embree was the character witness.


Rob said...

These are people who cheer Barry Bonds. Their opinions couldn't mean less to me.

Andrea said...

These are also people whose entire team and entire baseball season revolves around Barry Bonds hitting 756 home runs.

Mantlemurcer said...

Check out the comment I left there

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