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Friday, June 15, 2007

Game preview: Mets at Yankees 6/15/07


New York Mets (36-28)
New York Yankees (33-31)
Jose Reyes SS
Johnny Damon DH
Carlos Beltran CF
Derek Jeter SS
David Wright 3B
Bobby Abreu RF
Carlos Delgado DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Paul Lo Duca C
Jorge Posada C
Shawn Green RF
Hideki Matsui LF
Jose Valentin 2B
Robinson Cano 2B
Julio Franco 1B
Melky Cabrera CF
Carlos Gomez LF
Miguel Cairo 1B
Oliver Perez (6-5, 3.21)
Roger Clemens (1-0, 4.50)

Time: 7:05 p.m.
TV: my9, CW11
Radio: WCBS-AM 880, WFAN-AM 660

Pregame concerns: In his last start against the Yankees, Perez went 7 2-3 innings and only gave up two runs. In his career against the Yankees, he is 2-1 with a 4.19 ERA in three starts. ... In his career against the Mets, Clemens is 3-5 with a 5.09 ERA in 10 starts. ... Matsui homered off Perez this year. ... Beltran is 4-16 against Clemens in his career. ... Lo Duca is 4-8 with one home run and three RBIs against Clemens in his career.

Update: 6:59 p.m.: Damon has been scratched with an abdominal strain. Cabrera is now leading off and Josh Phelps is the designated hitter batting eighth.


Andrea said...

hope you don't mind me commenting--found you through waswatching.com.

I was looking at the Mets stats against a few of the Yankees starting pitchers. It seems LoDuca is pretty good against all of them, so this 4-8 against Clemens isn't too surprising. The Mets would be really dumb to get rid of LoDuca--not that they're trying to. But he is one of the most consistent hitters on that team.

BTW--on the pregame show, they just announced Josh Phelps as DH. Damon's out with a strained abdomen or something. So it's:
Cabrera CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
A-Rod 3B
Posada C
Matsui LF
Cano 2B
Phelps DH
Cairo 1B

Makes sense anyway. Perez is pretty rough against lefty hitters. Sorry for such a long comment.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Haha, of course I don't mind you commenting. I love comments!

Lo Duca is one of those annoying hitters that give this team trouble. He kind of reminds me of Youkilis.

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

ha. I'm an idiot. No clue how I just deleted the comment I left. I'll leave it again!

That's exactly what I was thinking. Of course once I was done perusing the stats of the Mets v. Yankee pitchers, I took a gander at Boston and Youkilis stood out. They are good hitters. That's a great situation if those people are on your team, but if they're not, GOD they're annoying. Unlike LoDuca in his position, though, I've never really thought Youkilis was a very good first baseman. The gerbil growing out of his face is probably preventing him from making diving stops; he doesn't want to kill the little guy.

Andrew Fletcher said...

His "goatee" is ridiculous. I think you may be on to something.

Andrea said...

I have a friend who's a red sox fan (gasp!) and she claims that the only reason I dislike the facial hair of pretty much all of the sox is because my team can't grow any. I just feel this is untrue. Ortiz has that weird crap. Manny's just gross. Youkilis--yeah. Mike Lowell grooms a LITTLE too much with the thin line above his lip. Beckett needs to trim. And Dice-K is unfortunately being Bostonized.

I think about this way too much.

But I maintain that Youkilis's "goatee" is his little buddy and he doesn't want to harm him. I'll prove it someday. Someday.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Millar always looked the dirtiest. The 2003 and 2004 teams were gross in general.

Why did Damon have to strain his stomach? Phelps is garbage.

Andrea said...

I agree. Millar is still kind of a dirtbag. I guess it wasn't just a Boston thing. Last year's Cardinals were pretty damn disgusting too. Ronnie Belliard--ugh.

During the 2003 season I lived in Albany and was good friends with this Korean guy who had lived in New York since mid-high school, but somehow managed to get into a really good college without ever completely learning to speak English. And he somehow, along the way, became a die hard Red Sox fan. He COULD NOT figure out the difference between Millar and Mueller, pronunciation-wise. It was really funny.

Andrea said...

Oh--and Damon had to strain his stomach because he is an old man. I want to like Phelps, because sometimes he comes through with great hits at opportune times, but then he strikes out with RISP. And then I'm angry.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Phelps is bad, and there's no reason why we haven't scored yet against Perez. We've let him off the hook so much.

Andrea said...

bright side of Phelps's strikeout--at least it wasn't a double play. That's all I've got.

Perez is a good pitcher when he wants to be. Today is not one of those days. What the devil is going on?

Andrew Fletcher said...

They're swinging at terrible pitches! We should have five runs by now.

Andrea said...

Well, you gotta give Cairo credit. That might have been a home run if Gomez weren't such a speedy little bastard.

They just showed Vizcaino in the bullpen. Do they WANT to lose this game?

Andrew Fletcher said...

Beltran could've been catching balls like that for us.

Andrea said...

I'm so glad I'm not at this game. I am for the first time getting angry at the crap they're swinging at. They've been slumping already this season, but I never actually got mad at anyone. But Phelps is garbage, Cano is swinging and junk almost over his head. MAKE HIM THROW YOU A STRIKE. They did a good job of it yesterday with Davis, why swing and crap from Perez?

At least Vizcaino didn't do any damage. How he gets away with the awfulness he throws is a complete mystery to me.

Delgado struck out 4 times? When someone strikes out 4 TIMES, how is that team winning?

Andrew Fletcher said...

How Perez only has given up three walks is disgusting. For a team that's supposed to be patient, they're obviously not doing a good job.

Andrea said...

I would be pissed if I were Clemens. If he wanted games like this, he would have stayed in Houston. If Perez pitches a complete game shutout, I will be VERY unhappy. The thing is--we're not even getting outpitched. He's not pitching well at all.

They just took Perez out. I guess there's no reason for me to be very unhappy.

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