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Friday, June 15, 2007

Giambi vs. Selig

I know I'm a few days late (I was aware of the situation, but I didn't want to comment until now) with the whole Jason Giambi "apology" situation.

Because of his "I was wrong for doing that stuff" admission last month in USA Today, commissioner Bud Selig wants Giambi to fully comply with Senator George Mitchell's investiagation. If Giambi does not cooperate, he is facing suspension, which would most certainly be appealed by the Player's Union.

Giambi is the only one to ever admit to doing something wrong, but instead of being lauded, he is being persecuted.

What Selig is doing here is absolutely ridiculous. By threatening to suspend Giambi, he is scaring away other potential steroid abusers from going out in public and admitted they did something wrong. This goes along with the whole theme of keeping steroid use in baseball on the hush-hush during the 90's.

I am not defending Giambi in this situation because he's a Yankee. I have no sympathy for cheaters. However, Selig is trying to save himself and act like he's tough on drug users. He has no right to suspend Giambi. It is Selig's fault that there was no drug testing in baseball until only recently.


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