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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Friday, June 22, 2007

Reason for mentioning steroids

I was surprised when I heard Jason Giambi mentioned "steroids" in a release last night regarding his upcoming meeting with George Mitchell. Well, now we know the reason.

Although Selig didn't rule out a subsequent suspension for Giambi, the slugger almost certainly sidestepped that possibility by agreeing to meet with Mitchell. And the Yankees, by virtue of this arrangement, will not attempt to void the remainder of Giambi's contract (source).
I guess we're stuck with him until the end of next year. The Yankees can buy him out at the end of 2008 for $5 million. This is after he earns $21 million in 2008, by the way.


Andrea said...

Josh Phelps, according to Mike and the Mad Dog, has been claimed by the Pirates. If the Pirates now go on to win the World Series, we know where the curse REALLY came from.

Andrew Fletcher said...

So does that mean the Orioles didn't want him?

Andrea said...

I think he had to clear waivers before being offered back to the Os. The Pirates took him off waivers.

Poor Josh Phelps has to play his first game as a Pirate against the Angels.

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