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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chamberlain's inning

Joba Chamberlain pitched the top of the third inning in the Futures Game.

His line: One inning pitched, one hit, one run, one earned run, one walk, one strikeout and 15 pitches (10 strikes). He also had to chase a pigeon away from the mound.

His first pitch was a fastball at 96 mph. However, he ended up walking the batter, Michael Saunders, on five pitches. All the pitches in this at-bat were at least 94 mph, but he lacked control of his fastball.

While Ching-Lung Hu was up, Saunders stole second. Hu then singled on a 96 mph fastball, scoring Saunders. In this at-bat, he started to show off his breaking stuff. His sliders and curveballs were absolutely nasty.

Wladimir Balentien was up next. He struck out on three pitches, the last of which going for 98 mph according to MLB Gameday. Hu was thrown out trying to steal second on this pitch as well.

Chamberlain was able to retire the next batt, Joey Votto, on two pitches.

He certainly looked better than Phil Hughes did in last year's Futures Game. In one inning of work, he gave up four hits and three runs. He also allowed a home run, but struck out two batters as well.

All-in-all, I think he needs more time in the Minors, obviously, but the future is indeed bright. With Hughes recovering from injury and Chamberlain improving with each start, the Yankees can get young starters into the mix within the next year or two. There are also more young guns in AA Trenton, such as Alan Horne and Ian Kennedy who have also been pitching very well. Dellin Betances has just started out in A Staten Island and could very well make an impact towards the end of the decade.


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Andrea said...

Completely unrelated question, but I figured you might know:

When there's something like a Futures game or ASG, if 2 people from different teams come together on a team for these events and they have the same number, what do they do? I mean for the game they wear their individual uniforms, but there's that whole special jersey thing, unfortunately bright orange for the AL this year. I assume they just say fuck it and put their real numbers on there, but I've never really thought about it.

Now that I typed this out, I realize it's a really stupid question, but sometimes baseball does weird things.

Sorry. done babbling for today :)

Andrew Fletcher said...

I think they use their own numbers on the special jerseys. They only practice in them and wear them while they're watching the Home Run Derby.

I don't know anything about the numbers the guys in the Futures Game wear. They probably change them if there's a repeat number though, since they're actually playing a game in these uniforms.

Andrea said...

I think you're right. I know in the World Baseball Classic someone changed their number. I can't remember who it was right now, but I think perhaps I think too much about insignificant things.

But I know MLB has all these ridiculous rules, so I didn't know if they forbid people wearing the same number even on the special jerseys. Their names are on them though, so I don't see why not.

Seriously shutting up now. It's 12:21 where I am, so I'm allowed to be tired and rambly :)

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