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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Giambi's awkward position

From Joel Sherman:

Torre decided to bow at the altar of big bats, big contracts and big egos late last season by shoehorning Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield into the lineup after lengthy injuries. He messed with the positive mojo his club had developed playing without those stars and certainly spit on defense by benching Melky Cabrera to play Matsui in left while actually finding a more incompetent first baseman than Jason Giambi by auditioning Sheffield during vital games.

He must avoid repeating that mistake. Through a couple of trades (for Jose Molina and Wilson Betemit) and a magical promotion (Shelley Duncan), the Yanks have eliminated a season-long depth problem. The choices should get even deeper this week when Giambi returns. But is that good news or bad? (Source)
Since Giambi went on the disabled list on May 30, the Yankees are 36-21. Cabrera has gotten consistent playing time in center field and Andy Phillips has come into his own at first base. Betemit also made his first start there yesterday and has produced in his first two starts as a Yankee.

Johnny Damon has been the regular designated hitter and has struggled all season, but he can't be benched because of his contract.

To answer Sherman's question, Giambi's return is bad news. This has an eerie similarity to last year's situation with Sheffield, as Joe Torre had to fit him into the lineup because of his salary and ego.

If Cabrera's playing time is cut for Giambi, Torre should be fired on the spot. He has proven to be too valuable to the team to sit for someone else.


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