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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Q&A with Chamberlain

Steve Serby of the New York Post sat down with Joba Chamberlain.

Q: One hitter you look forward to facing?

A: David Ortiz. He always comes up with big hits and is a tough out.

Q: How would you describe your mound temperament?

A: Very focused, very competitive, fierce, not ever giving in.

Q: Fierce in what way?

A: Lower my hat, get the ball, go to work.

Q: Would you say you’re fearless?

A: Yeah.

Q: What’s it like hitting 100 mph on the radar gun?

A: It feels good. I’d rather throw it hard and have an idea where it’s going.

Q: What’s it like when you feel dominant out there?

A: A feeling you can’t describe. To know somebody 60 feet, six inches away wants to hit the ball as hard as he can right back at you. Maybe I got something you can’t hit.

Q: Switching to the bullpen?

A: Any way I can help is something I’m willing to try. It’s been fun my last couple of outings. (Source)

He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I can't wait to see him pitch, which could be as early as Monday given his success in the bullpen.


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