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-Michael Kay, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So, I made Deadspin this afternoon

Deadspin, the premier sports blog on the Internet, linked to Scott Proctor's Arm this afternoon.

I submitted my post on Skip Bayless and Jay Crawford last night and Will Leitch thought it was good enough to be a main article on his site today.

This really means a lot to me. Deadspin is read by thousands of people each day, and to be linked by them has brought in a few hundred more hits today (so far). When I first started this blog, one of my goals was to have something of mine be put on Deadspin.

I am very happy.


John102355 said...

Congrats Andrew! Deadspin is where I found that video of Jay with the new weather girl.

James said...

I meant to leave congrats the other day. It certainly was worthy of Deadspin -- keep up the good work.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Thank you, sir.

Keep up the good work yourself.

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