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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hawkins' role; Pavano's rehab

The signing of LaTroy Hawkins hasn't answered all of the Yankees' bullpen questions.

From Pete Caldera:

The Yankees are still out to improve their bullpen, though that search could continue into spring training. Right-hander LaTroy Hawkins is not viewed as a replacement for Luis Vizcaino, who was allowed to get away via a two-year deal with Colorado.

"We signed Hawkins to help us in the sixth and seventh inning, and to provide useful relief innings," Cashman said. "He can take the ball and pitch a lot."

Does that mean they expect Kyle Farnsworth to pitch the eighth inning? The Yankees are in serious trouble if they believe Farnsworth could succeed in any late-inning role with the team. I know they have a lot of money invested in him, but they have to be realistic.

From the same article, we find out that Carl Pavano is on the comeback trail.
Carl Pavano's new agent believes that the right-hander could be sufficiently recovered from reconstructive elbow surgery to pitch again by late June, nearly 13 months after the procedure.

"His rehab has been coming along very nicely," said agent Tom O'Connell. For now, Pavano is planning to return to work out and rehab in Arizona, where he spent much of the previous off-season in preparation for the '07 season.

That's wonderful. Thanks but no thanks, Carl.


Mike said...

That's perfect!Pavano will be ready around the same time the Yankees DFA Hawkins.

Then compound the problem by throwing Farnsworth in the 8th?

This bullpen still stinks.

Anonymous said...

If Pavano wants to come back he'd better think about the bullpen because otherwise he might as well just stay home.


Andrew Fletcher said...

Yeah, the starting rotation is way too crowded, and I'm sure the Yankees are tired of his act at this point. We only have this year with him left - then we can forget about him.

undergraduate dissertation writing said...

They didn't believe that it was impossible for the right-hander to be sufficiently recovered from reconstructive elbow surgery to pitch again by late June? I'm glad he could do that.

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