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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Update on guest blogging

Yesterday, I mentioned that I will be guest blogging on Peter Abraham's LoHud Yankees Blog.

Anyway, he e-mailed us all today with the guest blogging schedule. My post is scheduled to be up on Jan. 9. I will also post a copy of it here on that date.

He said he was strict about his 200-500-word limit, which was bad news for me. My draft was well past 700 words. I've been taught in journalism classes to be concise and to trim down, but it's very hard to delete what you've written if you really like it.

It's also pretty funny how motivated I was to start writing this piece. As soon as he e-mailed me saying I was in, I got right to work. If this was a school assignment, I would've started writing on Jan. 8.


Andrew V. said...

hahahaha but you would've gotten it done in under 2 minutes.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Haha, more like two seconds. This isn't a 15-page paper we're talking about.

Andrew V. said...

You're right.

what was i thinking.

John102355 said...

Yep, and when I gave you a 15 page term paper assignment you sighed and rolled your eyes. LOL

Welcome to the real world, and I don't mean the MTV show! Best of luck to you Andrew, you can do it.

Andrew V. said...

I love that your prof is reading this.

Now he knows you did your paper in 3 hours.

Andrew Fletcher said...

Haha, it was on the Yankees! I was writing from memory most of the time.

Josh said...

Hey, if you like what you've written, post the expanded version here.

I know how hard editing can be. Being concise was always my biggest challenge to. You'll do great.

I'm really looking forward to reading various takes on the blog.

Juanita Love said...

I too have received so many requests for guest posting. Since it will affect my site, I did not allow them quickly to post their article.

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